Youthful skin is radiant, glowing, alive with inner luminosity, but the years have a tendency to dim the glow. To emulate the luminous moist buoyancy of young skin, La Prairie created a revitalising and perfecting collection that supports the inherent reflective properties of younger-looking skin.

Using a brilliant application of light-restorative technology and rare, golden ingredients, La Prairie scientists have developed a way to give your skin an instant perfecting glow, lasting radiance and youthfulness.  The formulas are designed to support mature skin, experiencing loss of glow, which stems from changes in the skin that occur with ageing. Restorative plants replace vital elements while minerals support deep hydration and encourage more youthful skin functioning. 

Cellular Radiance products contain golden reflective pigments as well as La Prairie’s exclusive Cellular Complex to revitalise and perfect the skin’s appearance to a youthful, lustrous texture, tone and luminosity.