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introducing cellular swiss ice crystal serum

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The silky, serum renews, replenishes and soothes.
It draws its power from an innovative fusion of advanced
Swiss science and nature’s mysteries of longevity.


Skin’s appearance is refreshed
with a youth-infused glow.


Skin is deeply moisturised
with powerful botanicals.


An activating complex boosts
microcirculation, nourishing dry skin.

an evolution in nature

a revolution in science

high in the swiss alps

In a world of ice crystals and some
of earth’s harshest extremes, three
seemingly fragile plants not only
learned how to survive, but to thrive.

swiss ice crystal complex

The scientists at La Prairie combined
the most advanced biotechnology with
the secrets of these plants to create
the proprietary swiss ice crystal complex.

enriched with the winter daphne

This remarkable formula helps your skin summon
its own self-defence and recovery process, to
help you recapture a youth-infused glow.


  • introducing the

    cellular swiss ice crystal collection

  • cellular swiss ice crystal

    eye cream

    This lightweight eye cream relieves
    signs of fatigue and skin ageing stress.
    It helps erase dark circles, puffiness
    and lines around the eyes.

  • cellular swiss ice crystal

    dry oil

    This sheer, moisture binding treatment
    oil relieves dryness and instantly
    restores the natural line-free glow of
    youthful skin as it protects against the
    first signs of ageing.

  • cellular swiss ice crystal


    Light as air, age-delaying moisture
    treats first signs of ageing and fortifies
    against the daily extremes of life.

  • cellular swiss ice crystal


    Lightweight age-delaying serum helps
    defend and build resistance to skin
    ageing stress while relieving signs of
    fatigue: lines, dullness, dryness.

  • cellular swiss ice crystal


    This moisture-rich, light-infused cream
    protects against the first signs of ageing
    and immediately helps restore your
    skin’s youthful appearance.

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